June 2004
Schuchard Brings Art Loft Track Record to City Loop

Schuchard Wins 2002 Excellence in the Arts Award

Washington University in St. Louis
From the Studio's Solitude to City Streets

The Riverfront Times
Out with the Old, In with Renewal

November 2000
Meet a Man who is in Love with his New Castle in the Sky

Washington University in St. Louis, February 2000
New Banners Bring Delmar Neighborhood 'Into the Loop'

The Riverfront Times August 1999
Seeing Things

Washington University Magazine, Fall 1998
Art as a Part of the World

St. Louis Magazine, April 1997
The Real Thing - Artist Pat Schuchard examines questions and challenges the way we see the world.

December 1994
Patrick Schuchard: Difficulty Reading/Reading Difficulty by Don Bacigalupi, Ph.D.

The Riverfront Times, February 1992
Artifice Intelligence

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 1992
Scenes of Fleeting Reality - Schuchard's work in 'Currents' makes memories three dimensional

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 1990
Pat Schuchard's Works at New Blue Moon Gallery

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